10 #GivingTuesday Tips, For Next Year

The #GivingTuesday promotion is well underway and we’re already seeing great campaigns from organizations who planned well in advance to make the most of year-end fundraising.

If you implemented even a handful of the following tips – kudos! If you’re burning the midnight oil and wishing you took more time with your digital plan, you aren’t alone.

For Next Year

  1. Play matchmaker. Over the course of the next year you’ll come across potential partners for various programs. Think of the right partnership for a #GivingTuesday matching funds promotion.
  2. Produce a smart media strategy in advance. Don’t try to compete with #GivingTuesday keywords without a full program supporting the media buy. You can keep standard media buys rolling as usual but be mindful when analyzing data of how your promotions may skew results. Remember to setup your data and test model as part of your strategic plan; from Google Analytics (websites to email) to short codes and social media monitoring.
  3. Think of #GivingTuesday as a kick-off to end of year fundraising, not the main event. The most successful #GivingTuesday strategies start with budget and preparation well in advance, focused on base building to nurturing relationships.
  4. Activate your existing donors and advocates. Provide a simple toolkit with social media memes to a form ‘ask letter’ — provide language with the right tone for your target audiences with trackable links to your customized donation landing page or pages. Better yet, setup peer-to-peer fundraising.
  5. Act fast on new media trends. When existing social platforms (like Instagram) add features (like Hyperlapse) users take notice and more likely to interact with and share unique or on-trend content.  There’s also a chance you might get featured by the platforms blog or be more highly prioritized in the feed by using the features they are eager to showcase.
  6. Craft a gratitude campaign. If your advocates and donors are comfortable on-camera, help them craft a heartwarming message. Alternatively, a message from your staff, thanking donors for their impact, or simply saying why the work they do moves them would be equally heartwarming. Get creative, there’s no wrong way to say, “thank you.”
  7. Throw a party! Celebrating #GivingTuesday can be as grandiose as an end-of-the-year awards gala, as gracious as an open house or as easy as a Google Hangout. Let people see what their money supports by telling them in person. Make them feel like a member of the team.
  8. Turn #GivingTuesday into another “Split Test” event. Use the opportunity to test and optimize your messaging.
  9. Start planning for next year. Sure, you can pull something together at the last minute and something is better than nothing, right? Earn more from your effort by raising your eyes to next years deadline. You won’t be behind the curve, you’ll be way ahead of it — and so will your donations.
  10. Start with the end in mind. Develop a #GivingTuesday strategy that anticipates the data analysis you’ll need most to optimize your strategy in the long and short term.  This advice goes for every other Tuesday, and every other campaign while we’re on the subject. If you aren’t 100% clear how data drives your current strategy, reach out.  We love helping people just like you do Big Good things for our world.

Let us know if you were able to implement any of these tips- or better yet – share your #GivingTuesday with other organizations looking to learn a few tricks.

Write to us, here. We’ll promote your good works.


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