Case Study: USA for UNHCR ( Website Optimization


The objective was to integrate a new digital platform and begin testing for website optimization — more specifically, to engage users and drive digital fundraising growth in the United States. Our client was on Kintera, which is an older Blackbaud solution. They found an updated solution with Engaging Networks and asked for a Word Press website to go along with it.


By dedicating time to a structured stakeholders workshop we were able to tease out key audience personas by analyzing competitors and leaders in their space, available and relevant data for the organization, historical website metrics plus more. These early insights drove the foundation of our UX (user experience), messaging and content strategy.

The website UX initially focused on engaging elements and navigational simplicity, to produce a clean website that is intuitive along persona centric storylines. We then evolved our focus on URL structure and content strategy in support of search engine optimization.

We planned a detailed website optimization split testing program with two cycles for launch:

  1. We started with global navigation, messaging and call-to-actions and donation page A/B split testing
  2. Then evolved the process in a second round of navigation tests utilizing the winning version from the first cycle against an informed new approach including but not limited to updated country (campaign) specific landing pages, also another round of donation page split testing

Our data analytics expertise, insights and overall leadership drove optimization and informed marketing recommendations for this timely and important update to the USA for UNHCR digital strategy.


Our team helped USA for UNHCR lower their bounce rate while increasing the conversion rate putting their website in the top tier of non-profit digital benchmarks and bringing them above their historical baselines metrics.

They are poised to leverage an optimized website foundation to begin further message and content testing to drive engagement in 2015.

Next up! We are recommending channel optimization and relationship building strategies with a focus on email acquisition and marketing, social media and targeted content marketing. As always, analytics is the core tool driving informed decision making.

Ask how our analytics team can help you drive results and optimize digital programs including website, email, social/content marketing and communications.


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